FIXED-WING DRONES (سماء الحریۃ)
Max speed 60 km/h, Range up to 20km, Payload 2kg, Height 2000m
FIXED-WING DRONES (تحدی الأفق)
Max speed 72 km/h, Range up to 60 km, Payload 5kg, Height 2000m
HEXACOPTERS (منارة السماء)
Max speed 60 km/h, Range up to 40 km, Pay load 5 kg, Height 2000m
QUADCOPTERS (نسيم السماء)
Max speed 55 km/h, Range up to 10km, Payload 2kg, Height 2000m
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Our Story

Founded in 2019, AA Robotics is a leader in creating new drone technology. Our goal is simple: we want to provide the world with the best and most advanced drone solutions to make a big difference.

At AA Robotics, we are not just an ordinary company; we are an innovative startup focused on research and development, with a commitment to turning ideas into practical solutions for the market. We take care of every aspect of the process, from coming up with the initial concept to launching the final product.

FEATURED products


Advanced Aerial Solutions

Elevate your operations with AA-Robotics cutting-edge drone technology. From aerial reconnaissance to surveillance, our drones deliver unparalleled performance and reliability for diverse applications.

Innovative Drone Solutions

Discover AA-Robotics innovative drone solutions tailored to meet your needs. With advanced features and customizable options, our drones empower you to achieve your objectives with precision and efficiency.

Land Rovers

Sturdy Land Explorers

AA-Robotics land rovers are built for rugged terrain exploration. They assist in military reconnaissance and border patrol, detecting threats like landmines to ensure safer operations for everyone involved.

Reliable Recon Vehicles

Explore rough terrain confidently with our land rovers. Equipped with advanced sensors and AI, they detect dangers such as landmines, ensuring safer military and border patrol operations.

UnderWater Robots

Adaptable Underwater ROV

Our remotely operated vehicle is versatile, designed for military tasks with user-friendly controls. It adapts to different underwater environments, offering customizable features like speed, depth, and payload options for mission success.

Customizable Submarine Solution

Tailored to specific needs, our submarine boasts adjustable speed, depth, and attack capabilities. Equipped with advanced communication and navigation systems, it ensures secure, efficient operations in diverse underwater scenarios.

We Love our Clients, And They Love Us

“Working with AA Robotics has been an exceptional experience. Their drones are top-notch, and the team’s dedication to solving complex challenges is remarkable. Our project was a success, thanks to their expertise.”

Matt Gilbert

“We chose AA Robotics for their reputation in the industry, and they didn’t disappoint. Their drones have opened up new possibilities for our research projects. The quality and performance are unmatched.”

Tom Parker

“We are thoroughly impressed with AA Robotics’ drones. They’ve helped us save time and resources in our surveying work. Their team’s expertise and responsiveness have made the collaboration a success.”

Nicky Johnson

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