Hexacopters (منارة السماء)

From ``سماء الحریۃ`` series

HEXACOPTERS (منارة السماء)

Experience the freedom of flight with our Hexacopters, which can travel up to 40 km with ease. Whether you’re venturing through expansive terrain or overseeing distant regions, these drones are capable of covering long distances effortlessly. Their 5 kg payload capacity makes them ideal for carrying important equipment, and they can travel at impressive speeds of up to 60 km/h, ensuring efficient and speedy missions.

Sky Beacon
  • 60km/h
  • 40km Range
  • 5kg payload
Search and Rescue Support:

Supports military and domestic search and rescue operations in remote or inaccessible regions.

Electronic Warfare Support:

Used to disrupt or deceive enemy electronic systems and communications.

Crisis Mapping:

Rapidly assesses disaster- stricken areas for military disaster response coordination.

Crisis Mapping:Anti- Smuggling Operations:

Supports efforts to combat illegal smuggling activities in border regions.